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P2P lending can be somewhat insecure, but there's potential for a pretty good return on your investment. If youre interested you should take the opportunity to educate yourself and ensure you understand all of the particulars. Peer-to-Peer Lending 101 from Great Financial Cents is an excellent starting point. .

Real estate crowdfunding websites enable you to invest in property without all of the headaches that usually go along with owning real estate. You dont have any of the work, you simply invest and take on a few of the threat.



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There are countless real estate crowdfunding sites and there are many different kinds. Some allow you to invest in commercial properties. Others may specialize in big rental properties and communities. Others may concentrate on smaller properties which are being flipped.



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This is a very common investment since so many people want to invest in property but dont have enough time or want to become a landlord. Also, in many instances you can begin with a rather small investment.

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) provide another means to invest in property without the hassle of being a landlord. The REIT owns income-producing property like office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping malls, or resorts. REITs make it feasible to invest in property on a small scale, and also to earn a share of the income generated. .

There are several different kinds of REITs. Some are publicly traded on a stock exchange, and a few are not. REITs may also be in the kind of mutual funds or ETFs.



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If youre looking for an easy way to get started with real estate investing, REITs can be an excellent choice.

Obviously, another option for investing in real estate would be your good old fashion rental home. You can purchase a condo, single-family homeor multi-unit home.



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Owning rental properties can be a great source of income, but if not it is truly passive will probably depend on a couple of aspects. The more properties you own and also the further tenants you manage, the longer you'll need to put into it. If you want it to be a passive investment that the best option is to hire a property manager. .

Here's a potentially rewarding passive income source that may be completely new to you. You can add authorized users to your credit cards (without actually giving them a card or access to your account) and be paid to do it. People that are looking to improve their credit rating can find a boost in their score by simply piggybacking from your payment history.



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If youve never heard of selling/renting tradelines until it likely sounds ridiculous and dangerous. The first concern generally involves putting yourself at risk for adding an authorized user which you dont know and hope. But the process only involves adding the user to your account, the card will be sent to your own address and you can ruin it.

However, there's still some danger involved. The risk involves the chance of your charge why not try this out card account being shut by the issuer, because in many cases this is going to be violating the conditions. Its not illegal, but it does violate the terms of the credit card companies, so they may close your account if they know you are doing it. .

Its definitely not for everyone, but some folks are making good money with very little work. If you want to learn more I recommend reading this thread at Mr. Money Mustache for lots of details from a man who's making a few thousand dollars per month with this and its very passive. .

One of my favourite, simple ways to make money is by way of credit card bonuses. Many credit cards will give you a bonus just for signing up and for making a minimum amount of purchases on the card during an introductory period. For instance, right now Chase is offering a $150 bonus if you sign up for a Chase Freedom Unlimited card and spend $500 on the card within the first 90 days.  If youre like me and you make most of your purchases using a credit card, hitting $500 in 3 months is easy. .



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Now, this isnt something which you can do all the time, however you can sign up to get a new credit card or two a year, depending on your situation. Ive made hundreds of bucks all the past two or three years using this approach.

Don't go overboard. Opening too many new credit accounts in a short time period can damage your ability to get credit when you need it.

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